Liszt Pricing - Schools of Music

Effective 2018-07-01

For Schools of Music, Liszt has a pricing scheme based on total tenure lines. Because each Liszt subscription includes unlimited users and records and because enrollment may vary from semester to semester, using tenure lines as a metric is an effective way of estimating required resources.

Tenure LinesYearly PriceMonthly Price

Liszt subscriptions include:

  • Unlimited Records (people, lockers, instruments, uniforms, events, checkouts, attendance records, documents, and any future features)
  • Unlimited Users.
  • Student access to the Liszt portal (
  • Custom domain that redirects to the Liszt portal (if available).
  • 75 GB of file storage (additional GBs billed at $0.35/yr) (File storage only includes files uploaded to Liszt. Records, users, and data do not count against this quota.)
  • 35 hours of support per year (additional support hours billed at $20/hr).
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly offsite backups.

First-year subscriptions to Liszt include an additional 25 hours of onloading/setup support for importing data into Liszt and connecting with pre-existing technologies.

Custom Programming

In cases where an organization requests features that are not available in Liszt, those features can be requested and implemented subject to a programming labor fee. Once created, those features will be generally available to all users.